Marine Antennas

A Marine Antenna is a type of GPS antenna used aboard vessels, capable of receiving Global Positioning System signals at sea. This antenna must exhibit superior waterproof performance and excellent resistance to interference to adapt to the harsh maritime environment, usually featuring a cable length of over 10 meters.


Although marine antennas are typically used above the water surface, there are also varieties designed for underwater use.


The primary function of a Marine Antenna is to provide ships with reliable and precise positioning to assist in navigation and ensure safety at sea.


BJTEK, as a leading brand in marine antennas, offers a variety of professional GPS antennas, including:


Active GPS Antenna: Built-in GPS antennas can be divided into Active GPS Antenna and Passive GPS Antenna. Under normal circumstances, Active GPS Antennas offer higher positioning accuracy and faster reception speeds than Passive GPS Antennas.


Passive GPS Antenna features a simple structure, lower cost, mature technology, compact size, minimal footprint, and convenient installation. A well-designed Passive GPS Antenna can also deliver outstanding performance with lower power consumption.


An Active Antenna includes an integrated amplifier to enhance the ability to receive signals.


GLONASS Antenna: The GLONASS antenna utilizes the satellite navigation system developed by the former Soviet Union, employing FDMA signals. Generally, the GPS positioning system performs slightly better than the GLONASS system. However, the GLONASS system is more resistant to interference and offers higher accuracy at extreme latitudes.


VHF Antenna: VHF (Very High Frequency) Antenna refers to radio wave antennas operating in the frequency band from 30MHz to 300MHz, mainly used for short-distance signal transmission. Unlike HF, VHF signals are less likely to reflect off the Ionosphere.


Marine AIS Antenna: The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is an automatic tracking system used among ships, mainly functioning through the exchange of electronic information with other ships and satellites to prevent collisions, monitor and track cargo, and aid in rescue operations, significantly improving maritime navigation safety. AIS Antennas usually feature excellent waterproof design and can connect to AIS receivers to provide extended transmission and reception distances.


Inmarsat Antenna: Inmarsat (International Maritime Satellite Organization) is a British satellite communications company. An Inmarsat Antenna is used to receive signals from Inmarsat satellites, typically in the aviation and maritime sectors.


Should you have any concerns about the performance or installation of any Marine GPS Antenna, feel free to contact us for discussion. With decades of experience and expertise, BJTEK can offer the most suitable choices for consumers.

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