Whip RFID Antenna

BJTEK Specializes in RFID whip antenna. Provide a variety of state-of-the-art RFID whip antenna; excellent signal amplification and out-band filtering & rejection. A specialized manufacturer and supplier of RFID whip antenna in Taiwan. Welcome to visit our website to browse more RFID whip antenna relative products.

8 products in this product line
RFID Antenna TH915s_s
  • 902-928MHz
  • SMA(M) or SMA(RP)

RFID Antenna TH915A_s
  • 860-960Mhz
  • RP-SMA90(M) Connector
  • Gain : 2dbi

RFID Antenna TH915B_s
  • 860-960Mhz
  • SMA(M)

Whip RFID Antenna TH91
  • 860-960MHz
  • SMA(P) or SMA(RP)
  • Gain : 2dbi